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RovoCam is the New NHL Blue Line Camera

Big news! RovoCam, the camera we designed for AJA Video, is the new blue line camera for the NHL, and they're being used right now in the playoffs. Check out these cool pictures. Click here to read how DT Engineering took RovoCam from concept to shipping in 6 months.

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AJA RovoCam

AJA’s RovoCam was just released, so we thought this was a perfect time to showcase this cool, new product. The RovoCam is the second camera we have designed for AJA, and we’re excited about all the great feedback it’s been getting. We had a lot of fun with this project, even venturing into the world of industrial design. You read that right. Our mechanical engineers tackled both the industrial design as well as the mechanical stuff. Check our website to read about our concept-to-production journey with the RovoCam.

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