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DT Engineering always delivers the highest quality work to their clients, while closely managing budget and keeping costs down. With a little creativity and meticulously tracking each penny spent, the company never fails to produce the best product at minimal cost. Their program with VeriSolutions, a client with the idea for a 3-in-1 temperature monitoring system, was a perfect example of this.

VeriSolutions came to DT Engineering with an electric breadboard in place and were seeking guidance with enclosures, bezels, and overall mechanical design. The product idea was to be a combination of 3 devices – VeriTrack, VeriConnect, and VeriSense – that would all work together to monitor temperature in restaurant kitchen refrigerators. DT Engineering was tasked with designing all three products simultaneously.



The toughest challenge of this project was keeping the costs down and the design simple, while implementing a specific industrial design direction. DT Engineering worked closely with the ID team to meet all the aesthetic goals. For example, the industrial design required an illuminated logo. Tim, the project’s lead mechanical engineer, designed light pipes for even illumination. The LEDs were not in a location conducive to even lighting, so Tim used ray-tracing software to confirm that the design would meet the ID team’s needs. The enclosures were cosmetically critical, necessitating careful design of internal ribs. Material thicknesses were controlled so they could flow through the part without being constrained. Tim used structural analysis so the enclosures could snap together without using any fasteners, further reducing manufacturing costs.


Antennas needed to be carefully arranged relative to the batteries and other metal parts to ensure WiFi reception would be sufficient. Finite element analysis was used to optimize the mechanical integrity of all three devices.

After the first tooled parts came back for fit check, the engineers discovered no design mistakes. The VeriSolutions temperature monitoring system is a huge success and is garnering substantial press coverage. Click here to read more about this awesome product.

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