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Fly Wire Zip Line

Fly Wire Zip Line by extreme engineering

Founder and CEO of Extreme Engineering, Jeff Wilson, leveraged a product that was already in production to create a mobile zip line. Then known as the Zippin’ Zone, he presented the product at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and immediately received positive feedback. Consumers were lining up to buy the zip line, even though it was not yet a finished product.

Jeff sought Dave Tostenson’s expertise to complete the project. The DT Engineering team sharpened their pencils, and began the component analysis, development, and design of the tower, trailer, and anchor point.


In order to ensure safe stress levels in all components, the DT Engineering team performed hand calculations and finite element analysis. Each of the two Fly Wire Zip Line cables have 1800 pounds of force, and the team determined the adequate amount of material to hold the stress.


DT Engineering was given the task of designing the Fly Wire Zip Line’s most prominent feature – the tower. The tower needed to meet six main criteria:

  • Egress to the top
  • A platform for zip liners to get hooked up to the cables
  • Two anchor points for zip line cables
  • Adequate structure for loads
  • Strength to be laid down flat onto the trailer using hydraulic rams
  • The ability for the tower to withstand wind

During the design process, tip over analysis was performed by hand calculations to ensure that the tower would be structurally sound even in the worst conditions.

Jeff then came to Dave with another vision he had for the tower – an integrated spiral staircase. As a special and important feature of the product, the spiral staircase was built into the square cross-section of the tower. To achieve this, the team used SolidWorks to design a structural steel weldment. Metal panels were bolted to the tower, and each wedge-shape step was bolted into panels.

The tower was designed once, with no changes or alterations. Approved by structural engineers, DT Engineering got it right the first time.

As a result of the innovation of Extreme Engineering and the skill of DT Engineering, the Fly Wire Zip Line received the award for the Best Major Theme Park Ride at the 2014 IAAPA.

What We Are

DT Engineering Associates is an engineering consulting firm that focuses on product and equipment development. We have over thirty years of product development experience in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial design. We take pride in our ability to solve difficult engineering and design problems, getting it right the first time.


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