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After the success of Cion, AJA Video’s first camera, the company contracted DT Engineering to design another camera – RovoCam. Due to their expertise and experience, the design of RovoCam ran smoothly, and each step yielded success. As always, the mechanical engineering team worked creatively and strategically to guarantee that RovoCam was not only exactly what AJA needed, but that it worked perfectly the first time.


The importance of ensuring ease of assembly in volume production was high, so DT Engineering performed a detailed tolerance analysis, ensuring all the parts for RovoCam would fit together effortlessly. Simultaneously, they maintained good thermal contact between power-generating components and the extruded aluminum closure. As experts in thermal management, the DT engineers properly cooled the entire system.


As previously mentioned, one of the main focuses on the design aspect was ensuring ease of assembly during production. The cameras are small, so any intricate designs or details would pose problems when mass-producing RovoCam. To keep it simple, the team minimized secondary operations for cost reduction, used self-tapping screws, decreased the number of fasteners, and made sure that the enclosure would fit together easily while maintaining good EMI seal.

The concept-to-production process of the RovoCam was seamless, and the camera is receiving great feedback. To check out a full brochure detailing the RovoCam, click here: AJA RovoCam

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